Jewelry and Hair Flower holder - $30

This will solve all of your tangled necklaces, lost rings, lost bracelets, M.I.A (missing in action) hair flowers  and "have you seen my other earring" issues! This is one of my wooden breakfast trays I had sitting around. I looked at it one day and thought "aw ha, That would make a great jewelry and flower organizer"!

Its creme colored with a brown glaze on top...the bracelet holders are round wooden spools covered in ribbon with little rosette flowers on the front made from the same ribbon. This can hold a ton of jewelry and at least 10 flowers.

Hang it here sign - $40

This is painted a subtle green with a hint of stain across it to give it an old look. Letters "Hang it here" are hand painted. knobs are a bronze color and are perfect for hanging hats, scarves, keys and purses on as you come in the door. This would also make a perfect Christmas gift.