Piano Bench re-cover

I had fun re-covering this bench for my friend Emily. It turned out really good...No more worn out, torn fabric.

item # 18 - Magnet/chalkboard, custom made - $65 SOLD

This bad boy measures 45 in tall and 35 in. wide. It turned out awesome! This can be hung on the wall. It also has a little ledge on the bottom that you could put cute little containers to hold chalk or whatever. This is custom made by myself. It has a chalkboard top with a magnetic bottom. The fabric I love! wherever there is fabric it is magnetic. This comes with two flower magnets. (The white rosette is for looks only) This is two toned cream color, distressed, topped off with brown glaze and a sealer. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking:)

item # 17 mirrored shelf - $7 - SOLD

item # 16 - denim ruffled lamp - $7

This is a cute denim ruffled lamp with a white flower. Perfect for a girls room.

item # 15 - 2 framed pictures - $6 for both

These used to hang in my daughter's room...they have a silver-ish frame with light purple flowers.

item # 14 - 2 pictures - $6 for both - SOLD

These are 8x10 framed pictures. I had these on top of my cabinets in my kitchen...I've loved them, but time to let someone else enjoy them.

item # 9 - rooster breakfast tray - $6

This looks really cute in the kitchen up on the cabinet shelves.